The English law will able applicable to any disputes that may arise due to the design of the Website for the UK.

You are consenting to your personal information being processed for the purposes and means of the Privacy Policy by registering as a user or submitting your personal information through the Website. It is highly recommended by us that you read the Privacy Policy along with the Website Terms of use.

Ensuring your security while booking and paying is what we are dedicated to when you make your travel arrangements ‘on-line’ which is available on our Website. We and our partners are both committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information.


1  Our Security Policy

We and our partners have implemented a bank approved encryption system to protect both your personal and financial information, as security is of great seriousness to us.

Your credit card information will be protected by we and our partners by credit/debit payments being automatically encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

 Unauthorized persons cannot gain access to your credit/debit card numbers due to the system, therefore making them as secure as possible. Therefore, when the the credit and debit card numbers are safely and securely converted into code when it is received by the most relevant Data Processing Centre.

We follow very strict security procedures in the disclosure and storage of information due to the UK Data Protection Act 1998, to prevent unauthorized access.

We and our partners may ask for proof of identity on occasion before sensitive information is disclosed due to our security procedures.

Booking requests made via the Website may be refused, as we and our partners retain the right to refuse.

Deficiencies, problems, acts, errors or omissions which relate to, or result from our partner’s systems mean that we cannot be held responsible.

2  What information do we and our partners monitor from you‌?

When making a booking request or wishing to join our e-mail offer service, we and our partners require you to supply personal information such as e-mail address.

We and our partners require you to provide personal details when you book on or via our Website.

Your name, email address, personal address, credit or debit card number and expiry date may be required, but is not limited to the former.

These detail will allow us to notify you of your order status, and process and fulfil your order.

If there is a problem with your booking request, we will need to contact you urgently, which is why we and our partners may also ask for your telephone number.

3  How we use your personal information‌

In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1988, we and our partners will process any information you give us.

At the time of booking request, we and our partners will collect personal information.

Both on our computers and in other way is where the information regarding you and travelling party will be held.

There may be a need for we and our partners to pass and process information to hoteliers and other tour operators, accommodation providers and sub tractors, e.g. airlines.

Sensitive personal information may be shared to suppliers by we and our partners to cater for special needs, e.g. wheelchair assistance.

Both in the United Kingdom or overseas, your data may be processed.

The same high standards of data protection legislation may not be the same for data transferred outside of the European Economic Community.

Personal data included in our customer database may need to be disclosed to a third party if they acquire or attempt to require all or the majority of stocks or assets within our company or website service by re-organization, acquisition, merger or otherwise.

You are accepting our policy on behalf of both yourself and your party by making a booking request with us and you also consent to (at your own risk) the uses, transmission and disclosure of information as described.

Explicit consent has been given on behalf of you and your party to allow processing of data which you have given.

You are for the most part qualified for ask us (by letter or email) what points of interest of yours are being held or handled, for what reason and to whom they might be or have been uncovered.

Our response to a request such as this will require a fee.

Within 40 days of receiving your fee and written request, we promise to respond.

We are entitled to refuse your request under certain limited circumstances.

Please contact us immediately if you believe any of your personal details are incorrect or inaccurate by writing to Marketing Department.

The Marketing Department,

1  Prevention of fraud, debt tracing and collecting monies

We and our partners may use the data you provide for the prevention of fraud, monies collection and debt tracing for the purposes of debt recovery and financial support through outside agencies.

2  Business administration

 For the purposes of administration, customer service, business management, market research and analysis, we and our partners may utilize the information you provide. For security purposes and to improve customer service labels, we and our partners may monitor and/or record telephone conversations.

3  Prevention of crime

If required by law or public authorities such as police, customs and immigration, we and our partners may provide your information to them.

4  Supplying Insurance cover

Personal information may need to be passed on to the insurer to arrange cover.

5  Information about our products and services

Information may be transferred by we and our partners to carefully selected businesses to keep you informed of their services and products. by submitting a request in writing to Late holiday deals Limited 57 WINDMILL ST GRAVESEND KENT DA12 1BB You may “opt-out” of our database any time.

Other important points to note

Visitor information may be used by we and our partners to measure the entry and exit points of visitors to the site as well as to various pages and sections of the site and details of searches made.

This information may be used in the future to measure the usage of advertising banners by we and our partners and for other ‘click through links’ to and from the site.

Security processes have been put in place by we and our partners to ensure that customers’ data is held securely in our central database, which is not accessible by any unauthorized persons.

However, there are exceptions for persons such as IT systems suppliers, who may need to access the system from time to time.

Special offers, marketing information, promotional mailings and emails either from us or our specially selected travel partners/suppliers may be received from visitors to the site who have subscribed to our email service or visitors purchasing products on the site.

A summary of any personal information held upon request will be provided by we and our partners.

The email address on file for the subscriber name associated with it is the only place the information will be sent.

By clicking the “unsubscribe” link which is provided within every email that we send, you can opt-out of any marketing communication from us at any time.

A summary of any personal information held upon request will be provided by we and our partners.

The email address on file for the subscriber name associated with it is the only place the information will be sent.

We will only deal with the personal details you give us as set out above, unless you agree otherwise and except where expressly permitted by the Data Protection Act 1988.

Please let us know if you do not want us to do any or all of these things. Unless you tell us otherwise in writing, we are entitled to assume you do not object to our doing of any of the things mentioned in this statement.